We welcome photographers from all over the world to submit their images for consideration. IMPLIED Magazine, at its heart, is really all about the artists who create the beautiful images we love to showcase.

MAGAZINE: Our print/digital magazine is, of course, our primary medium for showcasing the images that  we feel embody the spirit of IMPLIED at its best. Work that is submitted for consideration in our magazine must be previously *unpublished in any other print/digital publication. 

*Images posted on your personal website portfolio and/or social media is acceptable, although we do ask that you keep it to no more than 50% of your submitted set(s).

SOCIAL MEDIA (INSTAGRAM): We will also consider featuring images for posting on our social media, primarily Instagram, although it may also appear on our Facebook and/or Twitter. NOTE: The easiest way to submit content for this category is to simply tag #impliedmagazine directly when you post your work on your own social media profile. NOTE: Please understand we receive literally hundreds of tags each day, so we're only able to repost and feature a limited number of images. However, keep in mind that your images may also appear on The Wall here on our website.



Here are our guidelines:

  1. We feature primarily "implied nude" photography - images should not directly or explicitly show the genitals. With that said, we definitely have a #freethenipple mentality, so we will consider images that do show the nipples in a subtle manner, so long as they do not consist of more than 20% of the submitted work.
  2. Your set(s) do not need to be of the same model or same shoot; feel free to submit the best of your work, even if it involves different models and sessions.
  3. Submit images that show diversity and variety. Please avoid sending images that are strongly similar to each other; as an example, if you send a set of a dozen images of the same model in the same pose with only slight variations, it will likely not be considered.
  4. Wondering what to submit? We strongly encourage you to review what we've posted on our social media to get a good idea of what we like. We certainly keep an open mind and eye to all creativity, but we consider a combination of the following - uniqueness of the capture, technical skill, visual/emotional appeal of the model, imagination, sensual and/or artistic quality, etc.
  5. For initial submission, low-res images are acceptable. We will request the high-res versions upon successful acceptance for publication.
  6. Please submit a minimum of 12 images, although feel free to send as many as you'd like for a better chance of acceptance. 
  7. Please submit them via Dropbox or similar service (i.e., Google Drive, Onedrive, iCloud) by sharing the folder link ONLY; please do NOT add us to the folder itself.

We are receiving a ton of submissions, but we do know what it's like to wait to hear something back - we will contact successful applicants within 10 - 14 days. If you don't hear from us within that time frame, then it was most likely not accepted.

If your work is accepted, we will request the following from you:

  • Hi-res versions of your work - 300 dpi at minimum 2600 pixels on shortest side.
  • Content release form signed by photographer. Photographers retain all copyright for their images.
  • Models must be 18+ on date of photo shoot. Please be sure to have proof of age available, upon request.
  • Listing of all credits for the creative team that may have been involved (i.e., photographer, model, hair stylists, MUA, fashion stylists, etc.), including any website and/or social media links.

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MAGAZINE: Please use the box below to share your previously UNPUBLISHED work, which will be considered for a feature in our print/digital Magazine. (NOTE: Work that was posted on your personal photography website and/or social media is acceptable. We generally prefer 50% or less of your submitted images to have been previously posted.)
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